Harp Soundboard Decoration

Soundboard decals adds beauty in your harp, if this look appeals to you, consider adding decal adornment to your harp.

All models (except Lap Harps) have an option to add soundboard decoration. We offer 12 designs of decals, D1 to D8 are single color decals and available in 9 colors, and D9 to D12 are multi color decals.

One Color Soundboard Decals

These are one color decals available in choice of 9 colors. Customers usually prefer a color that matches the color of the harp. However, you can choose any color you like!
Available Colors: White, Mahogany, Walnut, Black, Green, Red, Blue, Golden and Silver

Multi Color Decals

You can add multi color decals to your harp, it has four choices.

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