Saffron 34

34 Strings Lever Harp

The Saffron 34 is popular model of Mikel Harps, producing a tone that is evenly warm throughout its range from 1st Octave A to 6th Octave C, and the use of sugar strings and bass wires gives greater sweetness and depth to its tone. Full Mikel sharpening levers provide clarity of tone and pitch when engaged. The design of this harp is comfortably proportioned for child or adult alike, being built with a round back for hours of delightful playing. Weighing only 11.3 kg and coming with its own carrying bag the Saffron 34 is easily transported, allowing you to bring the radiant warmth of its timbre to a wide range of venues. The Saffron 34 is played and loved by professionals and students alike, and filling concert halls and homes with the luminous beauty of its sound.

Harp Specifications

Range 1st Octave A to 6th Octave C
 Strings Type 1 Р22 Nylon

2 – 27 Sugar

28 – 34 Phosphor Bronze wire

Extreme Width

Extreme Height


71.5 cm

125.7 cm

11.3 kg

Wood: Ashwood Finishes: Natural, Mahogany Stain, Walnut Stain,
White, Black, Green, Blue and Red

Optional Features

Camac Sharping Levers


Sondboard Decoration


Carry bags


Detachable Legs


Dust Cover