Saffron 27

27 Strings Lever Harp

The Saffron 27 weaves a tapestry of richly nuanced sound ideal for chamber settings, producing a tone that is even across its range first octave A down to fifth octave C. The use of sugar strings produces a sound that is sweet and clear, and full Mikel sharpening levers provide clarity of tone and pitch when engaged. This harp is designed for comfort and ease of playing for everyone. Weighing in at 8.9 kg and coming with its own carrying bag the Saffron 27 is easily transported. This harp fills a room with its gentle tones, being ideal to play for loved ones in the home, hospital, or for other gatherings filled with meaning.

Harp Specifications

Range 1st Octave A to 5th Octave C
 Strings Type 1 Р22 Nylon

23 – 27 Sugar

Extreme Width

Extreme Height


63.3 cm

101.7 cm

8.9 kg

Wood: Ashwood Finishes: Natural, Mahogany Stain, Walnut Stain,
White, Black, Green, Blue and Red

Optional Features

Comac Sharping Levers


Detachable Legs


Carry bags


Sondboard Decoration