Strings Set Aster/Saffron 27


Here you can buy full strings set as well as single string for 27 Strings Harps. It includes Aster 27 and Saffron 27

Ordering a strings set with harp is great way to make sure you have backup on hand and saving shipping cost. As stings goes with harp at no shipping charges.



String #   Notes Material
1 1st Oct A6 Nylon
2   G6 Nylon
3   F6 Nylon
4 2nd Oct E6 Nylon
5   D6 Nylon
6   C6 Nylon
7   B5 Nylon
8   A5 Nylon
9   G5 Nylon
10   F5 Nylon
11 3rd Oct E5 Nylon
12   D5 Nylon
13   C5 Nylon
14   B4 Nylon
15   A4 Nylon
16   G4 Nylon
17   F4 Nylon
18 4th Oct E4 Nylon
19   D4 Nylon
20   C4 Nylon
21   B3 Nylon
22   A3 Nylon
23   G3 Sugar
24   F3 Sugar
25 5th Oct E3 Sugar
26   D3 Sugar
27   C3 Sugar

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