Introduction to Mikel Levers

Mikel LeverMikel Sharping Lever has very simple design and no cam, it has two point of contact with lower and mid-range strings. Whereas single contact with top range strings. One screw installation and adjustable fret post, that makes easy to install and regulate.

The manufacturing involves CNC machines and computer assisted processes. The design and precision manufacturing make the levers capable to raise true half step precise up-to 1 cent without losing tonal quality.

The whole lever (handle, L bracket, screws pushing pin and fret post) is made of steel, 100% rust free. Every part is polished and smooth. The most important aspect of lever is low price is maintained without compromising on quality.

Mikel Sharping Lever is innovation in harp world and exclusively designed by engineers of Mikel Harps. It was first developed in 2012 and continue to improve overtime. This innovation has great contribution to our vision. If the levers were outsourced, it was not possible to offer quality harps at affordable price. Mikel Levers can fit on any of lever harp. We invite harp maker and harp technicians to try Mikel Lever and hardware. It is available with money back guarantee.

Types and Sizes of Levers

There are only 4 basic sizes of levers and total 8 variants (based on different fret posts)  to accommodate full range of lever harps, 1st Oct to 6th Octave. This is advantage of Mikel Levers the harp builder and technicians don’t need to stock dozens of types of levers vary on string gauges.

Although Mikel Levers sizes/types are vary based on string type and vibrating lengths. But it is adjustable to multiple string gauges, this feature shortens the types of levers.

front view of mikel sharping levers
all mikel sharping levers

How Adjustable to Multiple String Gauges

These levers have good functionality using two points of contact for the lower and mid-range strings. A very interesting feature is the adjustable fret post. You may not encounter this feature even in very expensive Levers. This single feature allows the string resting groove post to move up & down according to string gauge. It means one lever is capable of adjusting to a range of multiple strings gauges without compromising on precision control thus the Harp Maker does not need to carry a specific lever for each string.

lever adjustable fret post
sharping lever slot
sharping lever adjustable slot


We offer money back guarantee for 30 days. If you don’t like, simply ship return and get full refund including shipping charges. Refund claim will not be rejected for any reason.

History of Development

In 2010 when we start developing harps with the vision to offer “quality harps at affordable prices”. We found most important was the development of new sharping levers. If the the sharping levers had been outsourced, Mikel Harps would have found it difficult to offer quality Lever Harps at a affordable price.

So development of new accurate sharping levers became top priority. Our initial concepts began to take their first steps toward becoming a reality. First we put a schematic design on paper and then transferred it to computer program for review. Design Engineers and Harp professional people were sourced. There then followed a lot of other steps before manufacture, attestation and verification of our new Sharping Levers. In short, our Company remained engaged in research and development until we finally reached the point where we were able to offer highly accurate, adjustable, durable and most importantly, affordable sharping levers.

We are continued to improve levers since its was first development in 2012. Substantial changes were made in 2018 when plastic handle was updated to Steel handle, a complete design was slightly modified to fit this improvement. Now it more smooths in movement, looks better in appearance, more rigid and reliable.

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