Mikel Levers

Mikel Sharping Levers

The Mikel Sharping is an innovative addition to the world of harps. Designed with a clear focus on ease-of-use, efficiency, rigidity, and affordability. developed unique version of this mechanism. its elegantly simple design, devoid of complex cams.

The Mikel Sharpening Lever distinguishes itself further with its robust steel construction, presenting a significant advantage over expensive levers crafted from brass. It has dual contact points for the lower and mid-range strings, and a single contact for the higher-range strings for clear, unimpeded vibration.

The rotatable pushing pin bush eliminates the risk of string wear and tear, preserving the lifespan of the strings and maintaining their optimal performance over time.

Installation is fast and easy, One-screw installation requiring minimal effort to securely attach the lever to the harp’s neck. and adjustable fret post, allowing not only quick and easy adjustments but also facilitates fine-tuning and regulation.

Despite its super design and functionality, the Mikel Sharpening Lever is offered at low price, ensuring that quality remains accessible without financial strain.

The use of CNC machines and computer-assisted processes in manufacturing of Mikel Sharping Lever helps precision and consistent production. The lever can raise the pitch by a true half step, with precision up to 1 cent, while preserving tonal quality

Size and Variants of Mikel Levers

The Mikel Levers has only four basic sizes and eight variants, catering to the full range of lever harps from the 1st Octave to the 6th Octave. Their innovative adjustable fret post feature enables adjustment for different string gauges, eliminating the need to stock numerous lever types. This advantage simplifies inventory management for builders.

Mikel Lever varients
The Fret Post is adjustable to accommodate multiple string gauges

These levers have two points of contact for the lower and mid-range strings. A very interesting feature is the adjustable fret post, a feature not commonly found even in very expensive levers. This unique feature enables the string resting groove post to be adjusted vertically to accommodate different string gauges. As a result, a single lever can adapt to a range of string gauges without sacrificing precision control thus the Harp Maker does not need to carry a specific lever for each string.

Adjustable Fret Post
Tighening Fret Screw

We provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, simply return the levers within 30 days of purchase, and you’ll receive a full refund, including shipping charges. Refund claim will not be rejected for any reason.

History of Development

In 2010 when we start developing harps with the vision to offer “quality harps at affordable prices”. We found most important was the development of new sharping levers. If the the sharping levers had been outsourced, Mikel Harps would have found it difficult to offer quality Lever Harps at an affordable price.

So, development of new accurate sharping levers became top priority. Our initial concepts began to take their first steps toward becoming a reality. First we put a schematic design on paper and then transferred it to computer program for review. Design Engineers and Harp professional people were sourced. There then followed a lot of other steps before manufacture, attestation and verification of our new Sharping Levers. In short, our Company remained engaged in research and development until we finally reached the point where we were able to offer highly accurate, adjustable, durable, and most importantly affordable sharping levers.

We are continued to improve levers since it was first development in 2012. Substantial changes were made in 2018 when plastic handle was updated to Steel handle, a complete design was slightly modified to fit this improvement. Now it more smooths in movement, looks better in appearance, more rigid and reliable.