Mikel Harps Reviews

eBay Feedbacks

The harp was carefully packaged and arrived in mint condition especially given the distance travelled. Delivery was prompt and the service second to none. Mustafa is a courteous, honest, responsive and attentive individual, qualities rarely seen in business these days. The harp is stunning and finished to a very high standard. The blue paint on the woodwork is immaculate. The sound (Daisy 34 strings) is beautiful, especially on the high notes. Highly recommended seller and instrument.

Buyer ID: kayp490086

Beautiful Harp! – Exactly as shown on picture! Sounds great. We had an outstanding experience with this purchase. Excellent, timely communication, fast shipping! Picking up the harp from the airport’s cargo department was a surprisingly easy process as well. We could not be happier! This harp is a great, affordable alternative to name brand harps for the learner. Highly recommend it.

Buyer ID: aorcsik

I was nervous to buy a 40 string harp sight unseen. When the harp arrived it was very well packed and the harp exceeded my expectations. The harp is beautiful and there is a lot of attention to detail. The sound is bright, lively and the the levers work very well. This instrument is a tremendous buy for the price. If you are nervous about spending money for a harp like this, you will be very pleased when it arrives and is an instrument you can be proud to display and play.

Buyer ID: wolfblacksmith

It was a very peaceful and learning experience. Communication was confident. (Mustafa, it was my pleasure to purchase and to own this beautiful work of art. Thank you to all your employees for my beautiful harp.). I am extremely happy. The sound is ethereal and beautiful. Irene

Buyer ID: morgangoldartist

Surprisingly nice harp! Recommended. Seller went above and beyond by shipping another tuning key at no cost because US Customs lost the one that shipped with the harp when they inspected it.

Buyer ID: bjsilva001

the most beautiful instrument I ever saw and have the privilege to own thank you for this magnificent work of art! 

Buyer ID: arge_patr

Direct Customer Reviews

The shipment arrived yesterday and Fred (our harp maker) and I went through the shipment today. We were very pleasantly surprised, the components look very good! 

We thought all the parts were extremely well made, and now we are going to fit them on one of our harps and see if they work as well as they look, including the strings. The parallel pins also look very well made. 

Ron Young

WA Music Company

Yes, we did receive the harp on January 10. Very beautiful harp. Thank you.
Believe me, I had heard stories that some people were paying $400-$600 on import fees from YouTube videos reference Mikel Harps. I was prepared to pay that amount. Surprisingly, U.S. Customs Import Fee at San Diego International Airport was $55. United Airlines Airport Storage was $80 a day. Thankfully, I was able to pick up from Storage Facility that same day. Total was $135.

Paul Johnson

Temecula, CA, US

I’ve had a chance to play this new harp and I must say it’s almost a completely different instrument, in a VERY good way.
The sound… it sparkles! VERY bright and clear, from the mid-tones, all the way up, and down.
In fact, the lower strings sound completely amazing, an almost bell-like quality.
The sustain… oh my!! Beautiful! The strings ring on and on. Completely aesthetic.
The sharping levers are fabulous. Almost imperceptible when engaging as well as bringing them back down.
I love their more streamlined shape and the fret post design is awesome. I feel there is way less wear-and-tear to the strings with these new levers.
I also feel the harp is “stronger”, if that is possible. The body feels most substantial, especially the pillar and the soundboard.
Even the strings… but, I think this is because they are more supported with all these design changes.
I also want to say that I’m so impressed—with you, your staff, and the care in which you take, not only with your instruments but with the people who buy them, like me
I feel so lucky to have this new Tulip 40 harp. It’s a gem.
Carrie Cook


Good morning,,, the product is very very very beautiful, and its voice is pure, its look is classy,, and blossoming tones thank for thae staff,,thank you

Eman Elnasharty


We just received a stunning blue aster. We are so pleased with the quality and sound. Your company were so helpful throughout the buying process as well as transporting and tracking. Very happy. Thank you.

Kate Louise


I wanted to let you know I picked up the harp today and I’m sitting looking at it and it’s stunning! Absolutely gorgeous. Such a beautiful instrument and completely worth the wait. Can’t wait to have it tuned and continue my harp journey. Thank you so much, I can’t stop saying how beautiful it is!

Matthew Dodenhoff

Orlando, FL, US

Facebook Feedbacks

About a year ago I decided to buy my own harp instead of renting one but couldn’t afford to spend a lot of money so I decided ins Saffron 34 string harp from the Mikel harp company and liked it so much that I decided to order another one; this time a Saffron 38. I just received it a couple of days ago and again; it’s a beauty. It had a very though travel but It was packed so well it did not get the slightest damage. The person I dealt with at the company was very friendly and helpful, answering all my many questions very well. The harp itself is a beauty and has a very rich tone. The levers are very accurate as well. I would highly recommend these harps to anyone interested in owning their own harp.
Abramy Norma Dyck

El Paso Texas US

I recently bought levers from Mikel Harps for an antique lever harp that I restored. I looked everywhere for the right kind of levers with no success until I stumbled across Mikel. What great levers! They’re smooth, easy to move, don’t rub the strings in any way and look great. Very refined levers. They did their homework when they designed these. They were also VERY reasonably priced. Better quality/price than anything I could find on the international market and I looked everywhere. And the people at Mikel are great to work with. Very knowledgeable and responsive.

Frank Bark

Plainfield US

I am very pleased to say that Mikel Harps are very good instruments. They are definitely the best harps being manufactured in Pakistan. Very nice finish, good tone and smooth, accurate levers. Thank you Mikel Harps!

Carolyn Sykes

Pacific Harps - US

I recently purchased a 40-string Mikel harp and I’m very pleased with it. The sound is nice, the harp is pretty, and the craftsmanship is solid. The company’s employees were also very polite and attentive, and answered all my questions every step of the way. It’s a wonderful value for the price.

Laura Irrgang

Lone Oak, Texas US

Such a great experience purchasing my harp through Mikel harps! It is such a beautiful instrument, beautiful design and the most incredible sound, awesome seller, amazing quality instrument, I was so impressed with this professional piece, I love my harp so much!!!!!!!

Amy Lovett

Melbourne Australia

the product is very very very beautiful, and its voice is pure, its look is classy,, and blossoming tones thank for thae staff,,thank you

Eman Elnasharty