Welcome to the Mikel Harps Factory page where you can view how Mikel Harps are produced to the highest standards required by harpists in the 21st century.

Our facility incorporates a fusion of historical craftsmanship coupled with modern manufacturing Process that combine to produce high quality components (this includes Tuning Pins, Bridge Pins and Sharping Levers) proudly designed and manufactured here in the Mikel Harps factory. Many years of experience, team work and collaboration with foreign harp makers and interaction with professional harpists have made it possible to produce a wonderful sounding instrument at an affordable price.
Quality harps are now accessible to everyone, this is the vision of the Mikel Harps team! Innovation of our own sharping lever plays a major role. How did we become so successful? … Please click on the “About Us” tab to read about our journey.

Harp Design and Drawings

Harp Design is one of the most important non-price factors which determines the success of a Harp. If you find any harp is well made and performing well. It means it has been designed very well. It is sophisticated and complex job as well. A small fault in drawing may lead to complete failure. Years of Harps making experience, Harpist need assessment, drawing expertise and understanding of modern manufacturing technologies are core expertise to design a perfect harp. It involves hand drawings to modern 3D Computer aided drawings.
At start we made all basic drawings on paper by hand with collaboration of Harp’s engineer, wood engineer and string’s master. This maybe important step where harp is weighted and rated at every aspect and decent balance made between them.

Hand Made Harp Drawing
Computer Aided 2D Drawing of Harp

2nd stage all handmade drawings are transformed to 2D Computer Aided Drawings. This makes precision and remove geometric errors that usually appears in hand made drawings.

3rd stage is use of modern 3D Computer Aided Drawing Program (CAD), where all parts are individually designed and its respective manufacturing facilities are designed and arranged to manipulate drawings into rear Harp. Lot of hit and trails are made with one to one communication with harpists and technical staff before assuming a drawing to be final.

Wood for Harps

Use of wood in Harps is part of engineering, wood may like a natural material, it is hygroscopic, it takes moisture from surrounding environment. Moisture exchange between wood and air depends on the relative humidity and temperature of air and current amount of water in wood. The moisture content of green Ash wood are range from 44 to 46%. Wood is dimensionally stable when moisture contents are greater the fiber saturation point.

To achieve optimal humidity level in wood is part of fun. It is first dried in air and then in dying kiln.

harp wood humidity testing

Before all of above processes wood goes though selection criteria to ensure wood grains are smooth as possible.

Ashwood stacks for harps

Harp Wood Machining

Each Component of a Mikel Harp is manufactured from the best quality woods available, using computer aided design (CAD) This not only requires high tech machines, capable of exacting tolerances but also requires precision cutting tools, and skilled machine operators to ensure every part is perfect! Each time! Every time!

Hardware, Strings and Sharping Levers

We only use nylon strings of the highest quality imported from the U.S.A, the nylon wound strings are produced in house using these components to ensure consistent quality control.  Please see the pictures of our harp hardware being fitted to an Astor 34 harp.

Mikel Harps Carry Bag

Deluxe Carry bags are designed to satisfy carrying and protection needs. The harp’s bags are soft and 10mm foam padded at interior whereas protective and smooth at exterior. Here are few pictures while making bag.

Our deluxe harp carrying bag was designed by the Mikel Celtic team to provide maximum protection when moving or storing your instrument, the bag incorporates the use of 10mm thick foam padding and a tough, durable outer layer coupled with an external polymer beading protests your harp from the trials of everyday transport to and from venues, schools etc…a large pocket provides storage for spare strings, tuning key, electronic tuner, music and has ample space for any other accessories you may wish to have. It comes in an attractive colour and is supplied with a shoulder strap for ease if transportation.

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