Lily Lap 26

Lily Lap 26


Celtic Lap Harp

The Lily Lap 26 creates a colorfully delicate sound ideal for chamber settings, producing a tone that is even across its range from first octave G down to fifth octave C. The use of sugar strings (instead of nylon wounded strings) produces a sound that is sweet and clear, and full Mikel sharpening levers provide clarity of tone and pitch when engaged. Lap harp is designed for comfort and ease of playing for everyone. Weighing 4.2 kg and option of its own carrying bag, the Lily 26 is easily transported. The Celtic Lap Harp is embraced everywhere it goes, and its delicately colored tones create a whimsical sound, making it the perfect harp for travel or to bring with you on a walk into nature to fill a meadow with its blossoming tones.

Harp Specifications

Range 1st Octave G to 5th Octave C
Strings Type 1 – 20 Nylon
21 – 26 Sugar
Extreme Width 53 cm
Extreme Height 93 cm
Extreme Weight 4.2 kg
Wood: Hard Maple
Finishes: Natural, Mahogany, Walnut, Black, Green, Red and Blue
Strap Strap included, no need order separately
Optional Features

Celtic Lap Harp Stick

Lap Harp Stick

Lap Harp Display Stand

Harps Detachable Legs

Celtic Lap Harp Bag

Carry Bags

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Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Celtic Lap Harp with Stand
Lily Lap 26