Mikel 38

38 String Classic Harp

Mikel 38 lever harp is crafted for professional harpists, classic style with a sturdy plan pillar reminiscent of traditional pedal harps. Its spacing and tension closely mirror those of pedal harps, ensuring a rich and refined tones. Biocarbon strings enhance its exceptional sound quality. The harp is stunning and finished to a very high standard. The stain color on the woodwork is immaculate. Whether in concert halls or homes, the Mikel 38 delivers refined, regal tones.

Neck 40 String Harp
The Mikel 38 offers several optional features to enhance its functionality and appeal

Padded Travel Bag

An optional padded travel bag is available, offering protection and convenience for transporting the harp

Dust Cover

Dust cover provides protection for the harp when it's not in use, keeping it free from dust, dirt, and other debris

Soundboard Decals

Variety of decals are available, allowing harpists to personalize harp to match their aesthetic preferences


1st Octave C to 6th Octave A


81 cm


144 cm


14.1 kg




Natural, White, Mahogany, Walnut, Black, Green, Red and Blue

string type

1 – 27 Nylon
28 – 32 BioCarbon (Sipario)
33 – 38 Steel wire

Soundboard Decals

Carry or Dust Bag

Harp Color

Product total

Options total

Grand total

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