Aster 34

34 String Celtic Harp

The Aster 34 String Celtic Harp producing a tone that is rich and even across the whole range from 1st Octave A – 6th Octave C, perfectly proportioned for child or adult alike and with a round back for hours of comfortable playing. Full Sharping levers and steel bass strings for a warm bass tone give the Aster a presence and character. The Aster 34 is world-proven! played and loved by professionals and students alike

The Aster 34 offers several optional features to enhance its functionality and appeal

Detachable Legs

The harp can be equipped with four removable legs, allowing for more comfortable playing position

Padded Travel Bag and Dust Cover

Padded travel bag ensures protection and convenience for transporting harp and Dust cover shields harp from dust

Soundboard Decals

Variety of decals are available, allowing harpists to personalize harp to match their aesthetic preferences


1st Octave A to 6th Octave C


70.8 cm


125.4 cm


11.8 kg




Natural, White, Mahogany, Walnut, Black, Green, Red and Blue

string type

1 – 22 Nylon
23 – 28 BioCarbon (Sipario)
29 – 34 Steel wire

Harp Color

Soundboard Decals

Detachable Legs

Carry or Dust Bag

Product total

Options total

Flat rate total

Grand total

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