Frequently Asked Questions

  • I cannot select my country while checkout

If you cannot find your country in list while checkout. It means our company has exclusive distributor in your country and we are not selling directly. In this case please contact us to know Mikel Harps distributor near you.

  • I have customized requirements, or I have a problem; Can I place order via email

Yes off course, We welcome the opportunity to serve you, whether you buy or not. we love to communicate via email.

  • What are Sugar Strings

This is innovation in Music Strings, the material is derived from sugar cane, so this is named as sugar strings. It is great substitute to nylon wounded strings with much better sound and durability.

  • How harps are shipped internationally

In retail, smaller harps up-to 27 Strings can be shipped via EMS or DPD for home delivery, whereas larger harps 34 strings to 40 strings models are offered airport delivery. The customer will need to travel to airport and collect harp from there.

  • Should I need to pay for taxes when harp shipment arrives at my airport or at home

Yes sure, custom duties and import taxes are always charged in each country according to your country’s laws. As per our experience in USA it is charged almost $100 Р$200 per harp. Whereas in other countries it is charged little bit low or high, and sometimes it is too high in few countries. We highly recommend you get information on this before ordering.

  • Shipping cost for harps seam high?

The shipping of harp is the part that surprises most peoples. Freight companies charge by the size of the box, rather than the actual weight. Due to the large size of a harp box, shipping is many times more expensive than people typically expect.

  • Any way to ship harps at lower shipping cost?

Direct air shipping to your airport is quite economical if we ship at least 4 harps together. The cheaper option is sea shipping. How it works please check our shipping page

  • Can I see harp before buying?

It depends on country where you live. Please contact us to find a Mikel Harps user near you, if we got a customer near you, first we will get permission from customer and then send you contact information for direct contact and plan an opportunity to see harp. However, you can always see videos at youtube.

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