During the checkout process, I'm unable to locate my country?

If your country isn't listed during checkout, it indicates that our company has an exclusive distributor there, and we don't sell directly. Please contact us, and we'll assist you in finding the Mikel Harps distributor near you.

Can I place an order via email if I have specific requirements or encounter any issues?

Certainly! You can indeed place your order via email. Just provide us with your order details, complete address, and phone number for both invoicing and shipping purposes.

What are BioCarbon Strings?

Biocarbon Strings are developed by Sipario in Italy. Biocarbon Synthetic strings are made using a blend of a bioplastic derived from sugarcane. they deliver a powerful and bright tone that provides superior acoustic projection and sustain. The surface is extremely smooth, the grip of finger is remarkable and never feel slippery. it is durable soft like gut with clarity and brightness.

What is the process for shipping harps internationally?

For retail, smaller harps up to 27 strings can be shipped via EMS for home delivery. Larger Lever Harps, ranging from 34 strings to 40 strings, are typically shipped by air with delivery to the nearest international airport. Customers are required to travel to the airport to clear customs and collect the harp from there. Additionally, we provide tax-free home delivery for harps in Europe, USA, and Canada. To utilize this special service, customers need to contact us via email before placing their order.

Do I need to pay taxes/ duties upon the arrival of the harp shipment at my airport or home?

Certainly! Customs duties and import taxes are levied in accordance with the laws of each country. Based on our experience in the USA, duties typically range from $100 to $300 per harp. However, in other countries, these fees may vary, potentially being higher or lower, and in some instances. It's highly advisable to seek information on these charges before placing your order! However, if you are utilizing our tax-free, hassle-free home delivery service, there won't be any taxes or any charges upon delivery.

Upon Arrival of Harp Where I should go at airport to collect harp

Upon arrival you will receive a call from freight company, they will advise you exact office location to pick up the harp. alternatively, we can provide you that address via email

Why shipping cost for harps is so high?

The cost of shipping a harp is the part that surprises most people. Freight companies base their charges on the box's size rather than its weight. Due to the large size of a harp box, shipping is many times more expensive than people typically expect. On the other hand, We pay extra attention to safe packaging so that your harp arrives just as it left the factory.

Any way to ship Mikel Harps at a reduced shipping expense?

For an economical solution, direct air shipping to your nearest airport, especially when shipping at least four harps together. Alternatively, sea shipping presents a cost-effective option. To learn more about how it works, please visit our shipping page for detailed information

Can I see the Mikel Harp before buying?

Certainly! We understand the importance of seeing and experiencing the Mikel Harp before making a purchase decision. Depending on your location, we may have authorized dealers or showrooms where you can view and try out the harps in person. If there is no distributor, Please contact us to locate a Mikel Harps user in your vicinity. Upon locating a customer nearby, we'll obtain their permission and then provide you with their contact details so you can arrange to view the harp. Alternatively, you can explore Mikel Harps through videos on YouTube.