Although Mikel Sharping Levers are works perfectly and having great performance but Camac Levers are even better quality and expensive as well.  More then 90{fd66d0e935492664772f6c861c8e8d3ff8b8ae860bb033ba29a8942ffb5b601a} of Mikel Harps are ordered with Mikel Sharping Levers. However few people, when it comes to deciding which lever to select, are indecisive and afraid to try new levers and finally they recommend  Camac Lever.  So we still keeping offer of Camac Sharping Levers to be fitted.

However, the demand is rare and we do not keep stock of Camac Levers. If a customer is interested in getting  camac levers, they first need to place order of harp with us and then send Camac Sharping levers on the address below.

You may need strings chart to get levers for your harp. Strings chart is given in website along with description of each harp.

Shipping Address

Mikel Celtic Instruments
Attn: Ghulam Mustafa
Hakim Town, Fateh Garh, Defence Road
Sialkot, 51310, Pakistan
Phone: +92-52-3555014

Invoice Instructions

  1. As lever are being sent for fitting purpose only, they will eventually sent you back. Kindly make sure you include the following note in shipping invoice:
    “Item(s) are sending for re-exported and remains the property of the sender. So, it has no commercial value and cannot be sold”
  2. On the shipping invoice, please state the value of levers as ‘0’ or ‘$0.1’. And may follow the format of the invoice.
  3. Make sure you mention our Mikel Harp’s order number at shipping invoice.
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