Aster 34

34 Strings Lever Harp

The Aster 34 producing a tone that is rich and even across the whole range from 1st Octave A – 6th Octave C, perfectly proportioned for child or adult alike and with a round back for hours of comfortable playing. Full Sharping levers and steel bass strings for a warm bass tone give the Aster a presence and character. The Aster 34 is world-proven! played and loved by professionals and students alike, weighing only 11.8 kg and supplied with a thick padded travel cover the Aster 34 will give years of musical enjoyment to all.

Harp Specifications

Range 1st Octave A to 6th Octave C
 Strings Type 1 – 22 Nylon

23 – 27 Sugar

28 – 34 Phosphor Bronze wire

Extreme Width

Extreme Height


70.8 cm

125.4 cm

11.8 kg

Wood: Ashwood Finishes: Natural, Mahogany Stain, Walnut Stain,
White, Black, Green, Blue and Red

Optional Features

Camac Sharping Levers


Sondboard Decoration


Carry bags


Detachable Legs


Dust Cover