Who we are

We are craftsman and manufacturers of Lever Harps. Mikel Harps began making harps in 2006.

We at Mikel Harps analyzed our market and found that the majority of local manufacturers were producing substandard harps. In addition, they did not employ any research and development. International buyers were dissatisfied with the poor quality instruments being produced and became wary about purchasing harps made from rosewood. At the other end, the manufacturer in Europe and America were making quality instruments, but the quality was reflected in their price, which was out of the range of students and ordinary musicians.

Mikel Harps realized, there is substantial discrepancy in the two markets. We founded our Research and Development team with the mission to “produce quality instruments at affordable prices”. Our enterprise has involved experts from few countries, including professional harpists and luthier. We used reverse engineering. Quality woods was sourced, including ash, and spruce. Harp strings are imported from the USA and Europe, CNC machines was installed, We invented Mikel Sharping Levers. It has taken many years of experimentation and hard work to produce fine quality instruments we offer today at affordable prices.

Please look at our history to learn how we became successful.

“Mikel Harps” are now represented worldwide by distributors in Germany, France, Italy, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, USA, South Korea and many other countries.

Mikel Harps Factory

History Of Success

Since we began making harps in 2006, our company has remained engaged in continual improvements. With the passage of time many designs were made and modified to include new improvements and to satisfy customer demands. New threaded pins were designed, later it was updated to tapper tuning pins. For easy and precise regulation new steel threaded bridge pins were designed. New sharpening levers were invented and improved over time.

Spruce wood soundboards were designed very carefully for precisely balancing string tension and resonance. Professional Luthier was very helpful at this stage. New string charts were arranged with the collaboration of Markwood Strings. The wood joint structures were re-crafted and updated. The feet, bases, sound box and detachable legs were designed carefully and improved overtime.

A Deluxe Cordura Carry bag with 10 mm foam padding interior and 4mm soft foam exterior, was designed to customers specification.
At the start all drawings were done by hand and later all drawings were redesigned in CAD software giving greater precision, and ultimately enabling us to produce every part having consist of quality and precision.

A CNC Swiss lathe and CNC Laser Cutting Machine is used in the production of the metal hardware. CNC router were purchased for wood working to speed up production. Manual hand working and inspection is still a very important part of the process. At present the company has a production capacity of 50 harps per month, but since the demand is relatively high, we are now expanding to double our production capacity while retaining our high quality.

To make all these improvements, we exchanged ideas with harpists, customers and other harp makers. Especially we thank to Mr. Joseph from Joseph Harps Canada, Mr. Paul from Derwent Harps; both have made a great contribution to our quality harp production.
We understand there is always room for more improvements, and we are continuously working to improve our instruments. We invite you to join us, share ideas and enjoy Mikel Harps.