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70% inspired Students and professional Harpists find they cannot afford the steep price of the Harp they desire. The vision of Mikel Harps is to bring the experience of owning and playing the harp into the lives of students and professional harpists at an affordable price. Mikel Harps instruments represent a fusion of old world traditional wood crafting with CAD design computer assisted processes. In the end, what matters is customer satisfaction in quality and value. We are earning that trust, one harp at time.

Quality harps are now accessible to everyone, this is the vision of the Mikel Harps team! Innovation of our own sharping lever plays a major role

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“Mikel Harps” are represented worldwide by the distributors in
Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand Hong Kong, China, Japan and South Korea

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Factory Overview


Our facility incorporates a fusion of historical craftsmanship coupled with modern manufacturing Process that combine to produce high quality components (this includes Harp Wooden Body, Sharping Levers, Tuning Pins, Bridge pin etc) all are proudly designed and manufactured here in the Mikel Harps factory. Continual improvements in parts design, manufacturing process and management overtime as well as collaboration with other harp makers and interaction with professional harpists have made it possible to produce a wonderful sounding instrument at an affordable price.

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playing 34 strings harp

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playing 34 string harp

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