Soundboard Decals

Harp Soundboard Decoration

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your harp with Soundboard Decals. consider adding decal adornment to your harp.

For all models (excluding Lap Harps), we offer the option to incorporate soundboard decoration. Choose from our 12 designs, ranging from single-color decals (D1 to D8) to multi-color options (D9 to D12), allowing you to personalize your harp to suit your taste and style.

One Color Soundboard Decals

These are one-color decals come in a selection of 9 colors, allowing you to match or contrast with your harp’s color. Choose any color to customize your instrument’s aesthetic to your preference.

Available Colors: White, Mahogany, Walnut, Black, Green, Red, Blue, Golden and Silver

Multi Color Decals

You have the option to elevate your harp’s appearance with multi-color decals, offering 4 distinct choices.