Detachable legs 20 cm
Detachable legs 30 cmDetachable legs 10 cm

Harp Detachable Legs

Choose the legs to raise your harp up to comfortable playing height

10 cm

20 cm

30 cm


Product Description

Many people’s would like to play with harp raised upto comfortable playing level. For that purpose we offer 3 different legs set to chose your ideal playing height. Then you can fit in the harp bag to keep safely inside the pocket.

The recommended height for Aster/Saffron 34 is 10 cm and 30 cm for 22 and 27 Strings harp. We offer 20 cm an option. Young harpist may suit 20 cm with 34 strings harp. The legs are fully detachable and interchangeable. You can even have different sets for adopting to changing situations.

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