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Ordering and Shipping Information

How to Place Order

To place orders simply email us by the Contact form or email directly. Here are email address

Lead Time

Sample and small orders are usually shipped within 10-15 days. With larger orders the manufacturing time will depend on the volume of the order. Our company usually keeps a stock of items regularly ordered by dealers to provide delivery as quickly as possible.



Our Company offers a choice of 5 different shipping options. “Time taken for Delivery”, “Safe Delivery” and “Cost” varies with each. These 5 shipping Services are

1- DHL

2- EMS

3- Postal Service

4- By Air (airline)

5- By Sea


Service Values of Shipping Companies

Delivery Time Safety Cost Delivery Destination Online Tracking
DHL 3-5 days High High At home/office Yes, Full
EMS 5-10 days Medium High At home/office Yes, Partial
Postal Service 7-12 days Low Low At home/office No
By Air 2-5 days High Medium Nearest Airport Flight Schedule
By Sea 25 to 40 days Low Very Low Nearest Seaport No


1- DHL and Other Multi-National Couriers Shipping Costs (US Dollars)

(If your country is not listed here. Please contact us for quotation)

UK USA Italy France Germany China
Aster 22 148 180 152 152 152 152
Aster 27 185 230 190 190 190 190
Aster 34 263 332 270 270 270 270
38 Strings
 310  400  345  345  345  345

The higher the quantity of products the lower the unit cost of shipping. If the quantity of your order is different from above, please email us and ask for a quotation. If you are DHL account holder, we shall be happy to ship by your account. DHL is recommended for initial and small orders. DHL is a very fast, secure and reliable service worldwide.


2- EMS Shipping Costs (US Dollars)

UK USA Italy France Germany China
Aster 22 80 130 85 85 90 85
Aster 27 130 190 135 135 140 130
Aster 34 Over Size Parcel for EMS

EMS (Postal Courier) is less fast and secure than DHL and other multi-national couriers but trusted worldwide. EMS is only recommended for those countries where DHL has very high rates.

3- Air Cargo

Different airlines have different shipping rates. Please let us know the order you would like to place and the nearest airport. We will quote you our best shipping charges for that airport. Usually airline shipping costs are quite low as compared to DHL and EMS. But you or your shipping agent need to travel to the nearest airport for collection of the shipment. This service is highly recommended for dealer’s or wholesale orders.

4- Sea Cargo

Sea shipping takes a much longer period for delivery (25 – 40 days). This method has the potential to save money. It is almost 80% lower than the air shipping. It is a very useful way of shipping for customers who prefer a stock of products for uninterrupted sales.



The payment can be made by the following ways;

1- Wire Transfer

2- Western Union/ Money Gram

3- PayPal (7% Charges)

4- Credit Card (7% Charges)


The Methods of PayPal and Credit Card have been initiated to facilitate students, beginners and trial orderers who feel a risk of sending their payment first time. However the Customers using these methods are required to Pay 7% for Paypal and 7% for Credit Card. Western Union/ Money Gram has no extra charges; you only pay for the transfer fee. For Commercial orders please use the method of Wire Transfer; its total transfer fee maybe around USD 40 (depends on Country and Bank laws) regardless of the amount.