Safe Delivery

Free Harp Shipping

USA, Canada, Europe and Selected Countries

Free Shipping
Upon purchasing a harp, we arrange shipment to your nearest international airport at no additional cost. Smaller harps, ranging from 22 to 27 strings, are conveniently sent directly to your home address via Postal Service (EMS). For larger harps spanning 34 to 40 strings, they are shipped to your nearest international airport for pickup. Rest assured, we’ll furnish you with a pickup address for you or your designated agent to collect the instrument upon arrival. Additionally, we offer a tax-free, hassle-free home delivery service for an added fee.

Safe Delivery
Our company, ensuring the safety of your precious instrument is paramount. Each harp undergoes durable foam padding packing procedures to guarantee its protection during transit. From reinforced packaging materials to secure wrapping techniques, we spare no effort in safeguarding your investment. whether your harp is destined for your doorstep or your nearest international airport, our commitment to safe packing and shipping remains unwavering.

How our Company Deals, In case of Damage During Transit
In the rare occurrence of damage during transit. we immediately initiate an investigation to determine the extent and cause of the issue. Our customer service team works closely with you to assess the damage and find a suitable resolution. Depending on the circumstances, we may arrange for repairs by technicians, provide parts, offer a replacement harp, or provide a refund, ensuring that you are fully satisfied with the outcome.

How Order & Shipping Process Works

How to Buy Harps or Accessories
To order harps or accessories, simply navigate to our website, choose the desired item, and click on “Order Now” to proceed with your purchase. Upon completing the checkout process, your transaction will be finalized.

When placing an order online, you will promptly receive a confirmation email. For orders placed by phone or email, we will provide a pro-forma invoice to confirm the order

For harp distributors looking to purchase items for resale, we kindly ask you to contact us directly via email or phone. We will provide you with wholesale pricing and offer economical combined shipping options. Distributors play a crucial role in supporting harp users by offering localized after-sales services. In market segments where we have established distributors, we may restrict our direct sales.

Lead Time
Harp orders of 2 or less are usually shipped within 10-15 days. Accessories typically ship within 3 working days if they are in stock. The lead time for wholesale orders varies based on order volume.

Our company prioritizes maintaining a stock of harps for regular buyers to minimize lead times.

Home Delivery by Postal Service
This shipping method is preferred for Lap Harps, 22, and 27 String Harps. This company uniquely calculates shipping charges based solely on weight, disregarding box size that is advantage over other services. In contrast, other companies typically base their charges on box dimensions rather than actual weight of Harp. And dimension-based charges are much more than its weight.

Please note that the Postal Service does not handle harps larger than 27 strings harps. While this shipping option offers partial online tracking and tends to be slower and less secure.

Home Delivery by FedEx
Home Delivery by FedEx is our preferred shipping method for harp accessories. Normally takes 3-5 for delivery at your address.

Although it may be considered expensive, FedEx offers security and provides full online tracking for your parcel. Mikel Harps has a partnered with FedEx to offer competitive prices to our customers. FedEx is known world-wide for reliability and speed of delivery.

Airport Delivery
Air cargo is the recommended shipping method for harps sized 34 strings or larger. Harps are dispatched directly from our factory to your nearest international airport. Upon arrival, shipping company will call you and provide details regarding the pickup address and necessary documents for pickup. you or your designated shipping agent will need to travel to the airport and collect harp from there.

As a member of the REX System, our company guarantees minimal import taxes or duties will be charged in the USA, Europe, and some other countries. Additionally, Mikel Harps maintains an ongoing contract with Emirates Airline, enabling us to offer competitive prices to destinations served by Emirates.

Air cargo provides a cost-effective, fast, and secure shipping solution, with full online tracking.

Seaport Delivery
This shipping method is preferred by distributors who purchase harps in bulk, shipping cost is many times lower compared to air cargo. However, customers are required to arrange for the collection of the harp shipment from the seaport upon arrival.

Seaport delivery is a safe, secure, and reliable, but it does not offer online tracking. Expect delivery times of approximately 25-40 days. There are standard port charges, regardless of the shipment volume. Therefore, this method is typically preferred for orders of a minimum of 4 harps to offset these charges effectively.

Customs & Import Duties/ Taxes
All orders including free shipping or paid shipping, we pay shipping costs only. This does not include customs clearance, local transport (for airport/seaport deliveries), duties, or taxes. 

Customers are responsible for arranging their own customs clearance and local delivery. Additionally, customers are required to pay any applicable taxes and fees upon clearance.

If you avail our Tax-Free, Hassle-Free Service, you can now enjoy complete peace of mind. With this service, you won’t incur any additional costs, and your harp will be delivered directly to your doorstep, free of charge and no hidden fees. So, sit back, relax, and await the arrival of your new harp