Mikel Sharping Levers

Successfully launching a Quality Harp at an affordable price involved a number of challenging and complex tasks, each critically linked to the one preceding it. The most important and complex was the development of new sharpening levers. However if the production of the levers had been outsourced, Mikel Harps would have found it difficult to offer quality Lever Harps at a reasonable price.
So development of new accurate sharpening levers became top priority. Our initial concepts began to take their first steps toward becoming a reality. First we put a schematic design on paper and then transferred it to a computer aided design for review. Design Engineers and Lever Harp Consulting services were sourced. There then followed a lot of other steps before manufacture, attestation and verification of our new Sharpening Levers. In short, our Company remained engaged in research and development until we finally reached the point where we were able to offer highly accurate, adjustable, durable and most importantly, affordable sharpening levers. The Levers were sent to about 5 different countries for review and verification. Fortunately all of them have praised them, their design, the mechanism and the working principle. Some of them have requested a change of colour of the handles. But all of them had different ideas on this. So we have made this aspect optional to satisfy each customer demand. Now in 2018 Sharping Levers are again updated in design, In latest development Flip Handle is now made from Steel instead of plastic one.  Steel handle with check nut allow more precise control over its movement, it enhanced appearance and performance.


Mikel Sharping Levers are accurate in raising a true half tone up. Their Steel L bracket also ensures they are durable. For the Harp Maker the levers are straightforward to install and regulate easily.

A very interesting feature on Mikel Sharping Levers is the adjustable fret pin. You may not encounter this feature even in very expensive Levers. This single feature allows the resting groove to move up & down according to string gauge. It means one lever is capable of adjusting to a range of multiple strings gauges thus the Harp Maker does not need to carry a specific lever for each string and they feel comfort and ease of adjustment while regulating. This saves a lot of time without compromising on precision control; no need to worry about changing a washer or dealing with the buzz handling problems that are usually encountered on Loveland levers.

Mikel Sharping Levers consist of 8 different types to suit the needs of the range of harp strings. The Larger Lever consists of 7 tiny parts; the size variation among these parts differentiate all types.

By offering True & Affordable Sharping Levers,
Mikel Harps have provided a really great addition to the Harp World.