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Mikel Levers offer comparable performance to Camac Levers while boasting a simpler design and enhanced rigidity.

Mikel hardware surpasses Camac hardware with its steel construction and precision engineering, ensuring superior quality and durability

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Our Vision

70% inspired Students and professional Harpists find they cannot afford the steep price of the Harp they desire. The vision of Mikel Harps is to bring the experience of owning and playing the harp into the lives of students and professional harpists at an affordable price. Mikel Harps instruments represent a fusion of old world traditional wood crafting with CAD design computer assisted processes. In the end, what matters is customer satisfaction in quality and value. We are earning that trust, one harp at time.

Quality harps are now accessible to everyone, this is the vision of the Mikel Harps team! Innovation of our own sharping lever plays a major role.

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Customer Reviews

What Customer Says about Mikel Harps, Check at eBay and Facebook

I’ve had a chance to play this new harp and I must say it’s almost a completely different instrument, in a VERY good way. The sound… it sparkles! VERY bright and clear, from the mid-tones, all the way up, and down.In fact, the lower strings sound completely amazing, an almost bell-like quality. The sharping levers are fabulous. Almost imperceptible when engaging as well as bringing them back down. I love their more streamlined shape and the fret post design is awesome.

Carrie Cook US

The shipment arrived yesterday and Fred (our harp maker) and I went through the shipment today. We were very pleasantly surprised, the components look very good! We thought all the parts were extremely well made, and now we are going to fit them on one of our harps and see if they work as well as they look, including the strings. The parallel pins also look very well made.

Ron Young WA Music Company

Such a great experience purchasing my harp through Mikel harps! It is such a beautiful instrument, beautiful design and the most incredible sound, awesome seller, amazing quality instrument, I was so impressed with this professional piece, I love my harp so much!!!!!!!

Amy Lovett Melbourne Australia

I am very pleased to say that Mikel Harps are very good instruments. They are definitely the best harps being manufactured in Pakistan. Very nice finish, good tone and smooth, accurate levers. Thank you Mikel Harps!

Carolyn Sykes Pacific Harps - US

Good morning,,, the product is very very very beautiful, and its voice is pure, its look is classy,, and blossoming tones thank for thae staff,,thank you

Eman Elnasharty Kuwait